UNL Class CI 889 Final Project

This document was last updated on 05 October 2001. (Ver. 1.3)

Course Number & Title - Curriculum and Instruction 889 - Master's Seminar

Course Instructor - Dr. Susan Wunder

Dates class was taken - Fall 2000 - Spring 2001

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  • What is WebQuest and how/why was it developed? What were the makers' philosophy/purpose?

  • What are some educational theories based on WebQuest?

  • What does the literature tell us about research into how WebQuests influence learning?

  • What high-school and post secondary level WebQuests are available? Should there be more?

  • What project would best be demonstrated through a WebQuest?

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  • How can WebQuest design impact on adult learners?

  • What role does assessment play in WebQuest design and delivery?

  • What's a good WebQuest lesson rationale and topic for older students?

  • To what extent (TWE) can a WebQuest lesson align with state or national standards?

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