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Ideas re HIS 205 Quiz #1.

Spend most of your time reading these sections. There were be multiple choice (20 - 30) and essay questions (3-5). Please bring lined notebook paper for the essay questions.

Possible Topics from Ch. 1 - New World Encounters

Native American Cultures The Indian's New World Ecological Revolution West Africa : Peoples and History European Nation States The English Movement Religion, War, and Nationalism English Adventures in America

Possible Topics from Ch. 2 - Competing Visions

English Colonialism in the Seventeenth Century The Chesapeake : Dreams of Wealth Entrepreneuers in Virginia Deadly Harvest Addressing the Scandal A Godly Commonwealth "A City on a Hill" Diversity in the Middle Colonies Penn's Holy Experiment England's Principal Mainland Colonies Rugged and Laborious Beginnings

Possible Topics from Ch. 3 - Putting Down Roots

Immigrant Families and new Social Order Women's Lives in Puritan New England Roots of Slavery Anthony Johnson : A Free Black Planter on Pungoteague Creek Commercial Blueprint for Empire Civil War in Virginia : Bacon's Rebellion Contagion of Witchcraft The glorious Revolution in New York and Maryland Law and Society I : Witches and the Law

Possible Topics from Ch. 4 - Frontiers of Empire

Growth and Diversity Scotch-Irish and Germans Spanish Borderlands of the 18th Century Benjamin Franklin Economic Transformation Birth of a Consumer Society Popular Religion in 18th Century America Colonial Assemblies King William and Queen Anne's Wars Seven Year's War

Essay Questions

1. Point your WWW browser to and look at Era 1 - Three Worlds Meet (Beginnings to 1620) Standards 1 and 2, and Era 2 - Colonization and Settlement (1585 - 1763) Standards 1, 2, and 3. Respond to any three student achievements.

2. Compare women's lives in Puritan New England with other colonies. What improvements and challenges remained prior to revolution? Cite examples from the book and WWW.

3. Describe the life of Anthony Johnson (pg. 78-79) and his contributions to human rights. Cite the book and WWW sources.

Teacher's Comments

Congratulations to all of you for doing so well on Quiz #1. Your answers showed thoughtful reflection of the many topics we've discussed so far. The bad news is this: Those of you who saved your essay questions on the Zip disk will have to retype your answers IF you didn't print a hardcopy of your answers. We've been unable to recover any data on that disk. I have posted the three essay questions on this page if you need to redo these for class on Friday. Sorry for any inconvenience. I also lost about three weeks of work for one of my UNL classes, and some software I had purchased.


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