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UNL Class CI 822

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Course Number & Title - Curriculum & Instruction 822 (some are taking it as 809)

Course Instructor - Dr. Susan Wunder

Dates class was taken - Jan. - May 2000

Course Objectives
C & I 822 is designed to be consistent with the UNL
Teachers College Scholar - Practitioner Model. The Model's four major areas of Teaching Process, the Curriculum, the Learners, and the Profession are central to the course content. The concept of a Community of Learners is key in the organization of the course milieu.

This course focuses upon teaching and learning social studies/social sciences in grades K-12. It includes a comprehensive study of the purposes of social studies and the curriculum in elementary and secondary schools. Emphasis is placed upon recent theory and research related to the development of student understanding of social studies and the instructional approaches and materials which contribute to this learning. The role of teachers' reflective inquiry is highlighted and current trends and issues are considered.

Textbook(s) and other references used
  • Blyth, T. & the Teachers and Researchers of the Teaching for Understanding Project. (1998). The teaching for understanding guide. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

  • Brophy, J. & Van Sledright, B. (1997). Teaching and learning history in elementary schools. NY: Teachers College Press.

  • Ross, E. W. (Ed.). (1997). The social studies curriculum: Purposes, problems, and possibilities. Albany, NY: SUNY Press.

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