This document was last updated on 07 November 2002 (Ver. 1.2)

Irving Middle School mascot, the aardvark

The Nebraska Chapter of OCTA logo was made by Andrew R., Irving Middle School, Lincoln, Nebraska USA., April 2002.

Computer : iMac OS 9.2
Software : AppleWorks 6

DiAnn Fowler, Instructor

Ms Fowler's students recently created 'Who Wants to be a Millionnaire' computer games using HyperStudio. Their parents and a local television station visited the computer lab :

Audio from the broadcast (.aif file - 1,567,584 bytes - may require a browser plug-in)

Graphic from the broadcast (.gif file - 13,815 bytes)

The audio file was made with the Apple //gs HyperStudio application, SoundShop, while the graphic file was made with the Apple //gs applications Allison and SuperConvert; both files were made from videotape.