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Welcome to Troop 93 - Lincoln, Nebraska

A BSA Gold Star Unit

This document was last updated on 03 Jun 2003. (Ver. 1.1)

What's New at Troop 93?

                                 Troop Leadership Positions (May 2003)                                                                                                                                                                                                          

                         Senior Patrol Leader                    Michael P.
                         Assistant SPL                           Tyler C.
                         Junior Assistant Scoutmaster            Mitch L.
                         Historian                               Todd M.
                         Chaplain's Aid                          Drew J.
                         Librarian                               Eric M.
                         Troop Quartermaster                     David S.
                         Troop Scribe                            Ross G.
                         OA Troop Representative                 Mitch L.

                    Cobra         Flaming Arrow       Dragon            Wolf                 Panthers
                     Cobra Patrol patch         Flaming Arrow Patrol Patch               Dragon Patrol Patch              Wolf Patrol Patch                Panther Patrol Patch                    

P L                  Andrew H.    George D.           Keaton T.         Mitch L.
A P L                             Karl H.             Lucas M.  
Q M                               Greg L.             Patrick M.
Scribe                            Ross G.             Austin A.
Instructor                                            Lucas M.          Stephen L.

Flying Eagle        Cobra         Flaming Arrow       Dragon            Wolf                 Panthers
  Flying Eagle Scout Patrol patch              Cobra Patrol patch         Flaming Arrow Patrol Patch               Dragon Patrol Patch              Wolf Patrol Patch                Panther Patrol Patch
Mitch L             Ryan B        George D.           Austin A.         Mitch L.             Axel A.
Stephen L.          Tyler C.      Ross G.             Drew J. +         Zach B.              Kevin M.
                    Nathan C.     Karl H.             Lucas M. +        Bryce C.             Matt R.
                    James C.      Greg L.             Todd M. +         Nathan F-H.          Andrew S
                    Andrew H.     Eric M.             Patrick M.        Kyle F.
                    Jeff L.       Michael P.          Keaton T.         Jonathan H.
                    Joey S.       David S.            Jeff S.           Dillon H.
                                                      Chris J.          Kevin J.
                                                                        Jacob J.
                                                                        Travis N.
                                                                        Mike R.
                                                                        Andrew R.
                                                                        Adam S.
                                                                        Taylor T.

                                                                        + = Den Chief

                           Adult Leadership

Office                     Name                         Phone
----------------------     -------------------------    -----------
Scoutmaster                Rich Lowery                  488-4667
Committee Chair            Dave Miller                  327-0036
Pastor                     Bob Edwards
                           South Gate United Church

Charter Org. Rep.          Greg Nelson Canoeing at Camp Cornhusker      Website                          Canoeing, Camp Cornhusker, Summer 02

T-93 Unit Comm.            Steve Christianson 

Training Coordinator       Steve Christianson

Treasurer                  Steve Christianson

Secretary                  Gaylene Stowe

Advancement Coordinator    Mark Mayer

Finance Chair              Mary Kay Quinlan Mooring

Fund Raising Pop Corn      Ken Hartwig

Fund Raising Greenery      Nancy Jagadich

Historian                  Thomas Sharp

Equipment Manager          Ray Muir

Troop T-Shirts             Kim Johnson

FOS Chair                  Rick Anderson

Outdoor Activities         Kevin Hammond Eagle Knot (Eagle Scout)

Committee Member           Chuck Nilson

Committee Member           Neal Clayburn Eagle Knot (Eagle Scout) 

Campout Coordinators       Parents & Scouts

Boy Scout Troop 93
Sponsor Organization: South Gate United Methodist Church

Meeting Place: Cavett Elementary School, 7:00 P.M. Thursday Back to Troop 93 website