A Celebration for Ray

This document was last updated on 23 December 2003.

In Memory of Ray Mitchell

Ray at Clare Parr's flat. 05 March 1988

Ray and Clare Parr

Ray, Clare and Greg

Joan, Clare, Linda and Ray

Joan, Linda, Ray and Clare

Joan and Ray

Joan and Ray

Ray, Clare, Joan and Linda

Ray, Joan and Linda having lunch at St. George's Football Club. 5 March 1988

Ray and Joan outside St. George's Football Club

Ray refueling his car, 12 July 1990

Ray and Marie at Sublime Point, 12 July 1990

Ray and Marie at Sublime Point

Ray and Marie at Sublime Point

Ray and Marie having breakfast at Sublime Point

Ray and Marie at Sublime Point

Lamenting forgotten "Local Heroes" in the morning paper

Hargrave Monument

Beach from Hargrave Monument

Helping lost tourists

Rhianne Colley, 12 July 1990

Stuart Colley, 12 July 1990

Kerry Colley, 12 July 1990

Stuart Colley and Marie Nelson

Rhianne and Ray belting out Advance Australia Fair

Chris and his mate, with Marie playing piano

Rhianne and Ray still belting out Advance Australia Fair. What are those words for Verse Two again?

Ray pointing out landmarks near Kogarah Community and Info Centre

Click on the link below which speeds you to the document where you can hear the world renowned choir singing the first verse of Advance Australia Fair(40 seconds). Thanks to Marie Nelson (pianist) and the singers Ray, Kerry, Christopher, Rhianne and Stuart Colley and his mate, and Greg Nelson for this bit of audio history. This 8-bit mono track file length is 1,333,856 bytes and is best played in a browser with a plug-in for .aif audio files. The playback rate is 32,951 - your player should already know that.

Advance Australia Fair - Verse 1

These images were recorded on NTSC-broadcast format BASF Super High Grade videotape using the NEC VHS Movie High Speed Shutter model V40U camcorder. Graphic image capture was accomplished using a JVC HR-S6900U VRCPlus+ S-VHS deck, viewed on a 13 inch Philco model C1930QGY TV, and digitized on an Apple //gs using AST- VisionPlus Enhanced digitizer card and Allison (Ver. 1.0.5 1990, 1991) software. Allison and .SHR files were converted to .png and .gif file formats, respectively, using SuperConvert 4.0. The .png files were converted to .jpg using Abode PhotoShop 5.0.2 and saved in web-friendly .jpg format using JPEGView 3.3 on a PowerMac G3. This html document was begun on the Apple //gs using WebWorks 1.0 & Teach 1.1 and tested with Marinetti 2.0.1 TCP/IP engine and Spectrum Internet Suite 2.2 browser. It was further polished on the G3 using SimpleText Ver. 1.4 and tested using Netscape Communicator 4.61.

The audio file was captured from the same videotape using the Apple //gs HyperStudio digitizer hardware and SoundShop 3.14 software, and saved in uncompressed .AIF file format. The 8-bit monaural audio file was tested on the G3 using Apple Quicktime 3.0 player and SimpleSound. On the Win95 side, the html document was tested using IE 4.0 and the audio file was tested using Quicktime 4.0 for Windows.

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