Made on an Apple ][gs

This file was last updated on 07 May 2004

What can you do with an Apple ][gs computer? Here are some of the things I've done on mine:

Made : FAX Documents    .pdf documents    .ps documents    audio files from videotape    graphics from videotape

web pages    served web documents    desktop publishing    Displayed high quality graphics/animations

This screen shot shows PMPFax software in action.

These graphic files were made on an Apple ][gs from videotape.

Click on an image to see the full-sized version, or 'About' to read more about it.      Thanks to Bruce Mitchell for some code.

Ayr Map.jpg
About Ayr Map

Elm Creek 01
About Elm Creek 01

Elm Creek 02
About Elm Creek 02

Hail grave 01
About Hail grave 01

Hail grave 02
About Hail grave 02

Hail grave 03
About Hail grave 03

Hail grave 07
About Hail grave 07

Oregon Trail Marker 03
About Oregon Trail Marker 03

Here's how these images were made :      Method and screen shot      More examples

These audio files were made on an Apple ][gs from videotape - requires .aif plug-in      Screen shot

Advance Australia Fair      Who wants to be a Millionaire?      How these audio files were made.

These web documents were made using an Apple ][gs      SIS tags

Greg's Home Page      Nebr Chapter OCTA      Silent Film      Alternate Energy      WebQuest Lessons

Here's how these web documents were made :

Screen shot (SIS browser displays online WebQuest document while text editor displays the source code)

These web documents were served on an Apple ][gs.   Thanks to John C. Craig for the screen shots.

Top of my home page, including embedded graphic)

Bottom of my home page, including embedded graphic and a link to a screen shot of root directory
(WEB.DATA), files and a folder with graphics being published on the web)

Screen shot of root directory (WEB.DATA), files and a folder with graphics being published on the web

These .pdf document files were made using an Apple ][gs using SCAP software :

(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in) :

Troop Activity Permission Form      Old ByLaws      New ByLaws

Here are some screen shots of .pdf documents being made on an Apple ][gs
screen shot 01      screen shot 02      screen shot 03      screen shot 04      screen shot 05

This PostScript Type 1 document file was made on an Apple ][gs using GraphicWriter III software
(special software may be needed to open/display this file)

Other cool things made on an Apple ][gs :

  • morph (I haven't actually made one yet)

  • 3200 color graphics      Download a pretty picture made with Convert3200 software.

  • Student handouts for SCC World Regional Geography

    WebQuest Lesson Plans (Part of my Master's Final Project)

    The SecondSight VGA card displays graphics (17 Mb file - requires QT Player) and
                                                            animations (16 Mb file - requires MPEG player).

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