Putting Alternate Energy to Work
in Lincoln, Nebraska

This document was last updated on 05 Feb 2009. (Ver. 1.2.1)

Here is a list of additional PV equipment which we use from time to time:
(all 12VDC unless stated otherwise)    Links to photos will appear here from time to time.

Windstream DSL modem, model Siemens SpeedStream 4200 (Jan. 2009)

Midland NOAA / S.A.M.E. digital weather / all hazards alert radio, model WR-100 (2008)

freeplay BayGen wind-up/solar power AM/FM/SW radio

NOKIA cell phone, model 5181i Type NSD - 1AW

Fultron Electronic Equalizer/Amplifier with spectrum Analyzer, model 15-0735. (Purchased July 1981 from Best Communications)

Public address / amplifier ISW mobil - GC Electronics, a Division of Hydrometals, Inc., Rockford IL, catalog number 18-950, 200 - 10,000 Hz, 10-15 watts

PowerMark Electronic Industries, Inc. Hi-Fi Equalizer Amplifier, 18 watts per channel, model 110, 20 - 20,000 Hz, S/N 3125616

Heath Zenith Motion Sensor Control with light fixtures and infrared motion sensor, model 5L 5410A, purchased Sep 1989 from Alternate Energy, Inc.

Archer / Radio Shack ni-cad battery charger, cat. number 23-139, purchased (Jan.-Mar. 1986)

Electronic on/off power rheostat for incandescent or fluorescent lights (might be Sun-Tronic brand)

Sun-Tronic Con-Serve switch 4A DC motor rheostat (for ceiling fan)

New-Mar brand power conditioner noise filter, model PC-10 used to filter power for Radio Shack's Realistic 8 track tape deck/AM/FM radio, model 12-1835. purchased from RealGoods, Oct. 1974.

New-Mar brand power conditioner noise filter, model MTR

DC to DC power converter (for car)

Archer / Radio Shack Universal DC auto adapter, catalog number 270-1560

Empire 12VDC/120AC Kar 'n Home coffee maker travel kit

Anex brand portable hair dryer

200 watts portable water heater for tea/coffee, model CM-213

red LED auto digital clock display unit, purchased Jan. 1989 from J.C. Whitney. (2 units)

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LIGHTING - Fluorescent fixtures
REC Specialities Inc. Thin-Lite, model 116-12-2 (2 x 15 watt florescent fixture), purchased June 1983.

MH 21 inch fluorescent lamp, model MH-105-13W, purchased December 1985. (3 units)

McLean Electronics Inc., model 1M 22 SB, purchased Jul 84, Sep 85, Sep 88, 22 watt circular lamp (4 units)

McLean Electronics Inc., model 1M 15-DS, purchased Aug./Nov. 1984, with 15 watt fluorescent lamp (3 units)

15 watt fluorscent lamps (3 units)

Solalite 12 watts, model SEC. 12, with Edison base (UK), purchased Nov. 1984/Dec. 1985. (2 units)

car light with cigarette plug, on/off switch

Zelco/Lumifier, model 10014, runs on 4 AA batteries

Dolfin brand work light with cigarette plug/battery clips, 8 watt lamp, purchased April 1985.

8 inch snake light with cigarette lighter plug and on/off twist switch

10/20/30 watt lamp with Edison base

25 watt lamp with Edison base

50 watt lamp with Edison base

T1003 bayonette base lamp

TP20 GTE 75 watts lamp in Edison base fixture

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twinkling lights in 3 colors for the holidays

red LEDs, suitable for holidays

fan, model type E (Purchased August 1988 from Integral Energy Systems)

Small 12VDC electric oscillating fans, purchased from J.C. Whitney (2 units)

POWER STORAGE (batteries) - this varies from time to time

Interstate Deep Cycle MEGA-TRON SRM-27

retired batteries (photos only)   First battery system (1983)      mid - 1990s      current (see description above)

Fuse box (top right hand corner in this photo)

bayonette lamp - Edison base adapter

ceramic lamp socket/outlet/switch with cigarette plug/fuse

8 feet extension cord with male/female cigarette lighter ends

Sun-Tronic solid brass switch/fuse/cigarette outlet (various models) Photo

Archer / Radio Shack Heavy Duty lighter plug, cat. 274-335

Edelmann Battery Tester, model no. 45, puchased Jan. 1984 from Ben's Auto.

Beldon 50 feet (15.2 m) shielding/grounding cable, tin/copper braided, 1/2 inch outside diameter, tubular.

cigarette lighter outlet/cable TV jack, various models (3 units)

__ feet __ gauge copper wire for power transfer

wire and fasteners. Photo The copper wire from tracker to the DMAS/SCI Charger is 8 gauge. Photo

8 feet (2.2 m) copper grounding pipe

12VDC/120VAC AMF Potter & Brumfield RRP11AG relay switch with socket base (2 units)

nuts, bolts, wire, cigarette plugs, adapters, power transfer cable (some are homemade)

plastic battery box with lid (2 units)

12VDC to 120 VAC POWER CONVERTER - for testing purposes only

Workman Electronic Products, Inc., model BX100K (an old high school project)

Coleman DC to AC Power Inverter, 300 Watts capacity, Model CI-300 - From JCC (2005)

battery extension cables/hardware

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