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An Historical look at Troop 216

Alliance, Nebraska

This document was last updated on 27 February 2002. (Ver. 1.0.1)

What's New at Troop 216?

    Troop 216 meets on Monday nights at 7:00 PM at the United Methodist Church.

    Background History of Scouting and our Troop

    Current Troop Leadership ...

    Troop Activities

    Troop Scrapbook

    Troop 216 has been represented at many Scout events in the past, details of which will appear here as time permits.

    Links to other Scout sites

    Long's Peak Council        Wyo-Braska District Scout Web         BSA National Council        World Scouting Homepage

    The United Methodist Church is the Sponsoring Organization

    These Scout pages are dedicated to the memory of SM Byron Nelson, Troop 216
    "The Adventure Troop", Alliance, Nebraska

    and for all of the boys and leaders who have been a part of the Scouting tradition.

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