World Regional Geography

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Geography Lesson Plans

  • New Harmony, Nebraska

  • Milagro Bean Film War Geography in Films

  • George Washington's Patowmack Canal Geography in Literature

  • Field Trip Lessons

  • WebQuest Lessons

    Online Lessons & Curriculum issues - Eventually these will be sorted more precisely into categories

    A Field trip lesson for graveyard explorers by Linda Prather a Grade 8 teacher in KY.

    Lessons using The Goat in the Rug and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie for lower elementary, all the way up to Andersonville Prison (Civil War) for the high school seniors. All aligned to Nebraska state standards.

    Lesson by Mary Suiter re 'The Real McCoy' Lesson plan By Wendy Towle Scholastic, Inc.

    A Community College Lesson Plan      A Community College WebQuest Lesson

    Andersonville Prison : An Economic Microcosm, Nebraska Council on Economic Education

    An online chat for GIS Institute participants.

    Michael E. Brown's Physical Geography lecture 1.

    Schools and Libraries GIS Lessons, for Mac and Win95 users, in .zip compressed format.

    Route of the Corps of Discovery, 1804-1806, has an animated gif.

    Collaborative Thematic Unit : Westward Expansion lesson plan by Jennie Bradley and Ross Taylor; mentions NGS GTV laser disk as one of the resources used.

    Welcome to GeoGranite : the official website of the NH Geog Alliance.

    Geography links which support NE K-12 Social Studies/History Standards.

    Geography Learning System created by Richard C. Brandt Darbick Instructional Software Systems. This software is being made available to Nebraska educators through Darbick Instructional Software Systems.

    Social Studies Website for K-12 teachers by Dennis Boals.

    The Virtual Geog Dept (U-TX)

    Virtual Field Trips is maintained by the Department of Geography/Geology, University of Wisconsin -- Stevens Point.

    World Regional Geography and Area Studies This page is sponsored by the Department of Geography, Auburn University.

    Past : Present : Future History and Philosophy of Geography. This page is maintained by the Department of Geography and Meteorology at Valparaiso University.

    University at Buffalo Geographic Information and Analysis Lab Geography Resources on the Internet

    Lewis & Clark site for Nebraska teachers

    The Nebraska State Council for the Social Studies Home Page.

    Other WRG Classes on the WWW
    World Regional Geography Class Homepage, World Geography GEOG 102 Dr. Miriam Helen Hill Spring 1999.

    World Regional Geography GOG 2433 Austin community College.

    GEOG 3253 World Regional Geography, Summer 1998

    World Regional Geography - The Power of Place The American Telecourse of The Annenberg/CPB Multimedia Collection.

    ESS 301 World Regional Geography Class

    Geography & History 97.1 -- Discovery Portfolio Fall, 1998

    K-12 Ed Resources : Ed Journal Annotations by Center for Instructional Materials and Computing University of Wisconsin-Madison and Kansas State University Libraries Kansas State University.

    Multicultural Bibliography (Native American)

    Internet Resources for World Regional Geography maintained by Katie Algeo.

    GEOG 1000 Fundamentals of World Regional Geography by Michael P. Peterson.

    World Regional Geography GY 102 by Tom Martinson.

    Virtual Geography Department World Regional Geography Web Forum.

    Geog 2254 World Regional Geography course Instructor : Jon Comer.

    Other Links
    Eastern Region Coordinator GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist

    The ArcLessons website

    Find the census 2000 area and search for the Census in the Schools program and the grade-specific kits you can order.

    School projects in which Jerry Taylor has been a part. Don Menges developed this page, which includes some Titantic & geography projects.

    The Titantic Lost ... and Found by Judy Donnelly

    One goal of GEOGRAPHY ONLINE is to publish high quality items that are beyond the scope or interest of traditional journals.

    Mapping a Course with GIS online, Joseph Kerski and Steve Wanner, co-authors of Boulder High School, in this month's Point Of Beginning magazine.

    One of the leading Teaching job sites on the web. Their new Free Job Classifieds are very user friendly and divided by state and region so that is easy to manage.

    Another website design by James R. Tompkins Southwind Productions; has a Teacher's Notes page.

    Discusses the use of GIS in a variety of fields Turning a Map Into a Layer Cake of Information : Linking Geography and Data Can Help Fight Crime, Find Customers and Protect Nature by Catherine Greenman.

    Geographic Information Systems as an Integrating Technology: Context, Concepts, and Definitions

    free daily lesson plans

    Home of Virtual Nebraska

    References: GIS and Related Technologies Compiled by Joseph Kerski.

    GIS / Lesson Plans / GIS Data / Newsgroups & Info / ArcView Extensions & Scripts / LandSAT Remote Sensing Sites / Mapping.

    A testimonial. As a teacher of 28 years I have never seen students so involved with learning. I have never worked as hard as I have with my GIS class and have never enjoyed teaching as much. (by Herschel Sarnoff , a high school social studies teacher in the Watts community of Los Angeles)

    See 02 Mar 2000

    Downloadable Teacher's Manual

    USGS topographic mapping symbols.

    ESRI Schools and Libraries Program who invites GIS list readers to submit ArcLessons to necessary documents and/or data files

    Online Weather Studies from the American Meteorological Society.

    Geography Field Trip, Summer 2000. The trip in July, 2000 will take you across the United States and Canada to view and experience the wonders of North American Physical and Cultural Landscapes

    Gail Ludwig's cemetary lesson

    look for Bobs info & general site

    Ideas regarding setting up geography clubs

    Curriculum connections provide educational resources drawn from Perspective segments that have aired on Nebraska Public Television's weekly news journal, STATEWIDE.

    Ecotours for kids & teachers.

    Students Step into Living Map by Lisa Wangsness, Concord Monitor Online, 18 Dec 1999. This story describes using GIS with students in the woods near Gould Hill Orchard, rural Hopkinton NH. The course, taught by biology teacher Scott Semmens and geography teacher Bob Woolner, is called 'Geography, GIS and Natural Resource Management'.

    Getting Started on the Internet, a collection of articles from Education World.

    Standards, state by state and subject by subject

    Education Week Web edition

    U.S. Department of Education

    Geography Teachers Association of Victoria.

    Board of Studies, Curriculum and Standards Framework site (Victoria)

    Using the Framework for Curriculum & Standards chart.

    California Geographical Society

    Tahoe-Baikal Institute

    A new online index offers educators and other data users the ability to identify the map for hundreds of physical features that formed as a result of erosion, glaciation, karst, volcanism, tectonics, or other processes.

    Education part of midnight search.

    Art Ed in SS - ref to Patterns in Human History

    A list of geo-ed related sessions scheduled for the upcoming AAG meetings.

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