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Documents    (Many of these were made on an Apple ][gs). Revisit this link for details.

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Audio Files (mostly .aif)
The World Famous Advance Australia Fair choir (requires .aif (1.303 Mb) or .mp3 (330 K) plug-in)
Wedding Bells

Video Files (.mov)
These files require a QuickTime-friendly browser. WARNING : Large files ahead ! Hit BACK after viewing these files. Image Size = 320 x 200 pixels unless noted.Bill Hillcourt and Greg at the World Jamboree (nn December 1987, File size = 5.299 Mbytes)Advance Australia Fair (12 July 1990, File size = 2.441 Mbytes)Canadian RR and River nn August 1997, File size = 1.860 Mbytes)
The old steam train as it heads west towards Lincoln. We drive parallel to the train and catch up with the locomotive. (17 June 2000, File size = 842 Kbytes)The old steam train as it heads west towards Lincoln. This is the best file if you like to hear the whistle blowing. date ??? 2000, File size = 1.275 Mbytes)Jeff and Hannah sing 'Here's My Life' while Marie accompanies on piano. (23 July 2000, File size = 2.5 Mbytes) 240 x 180 pixels - stereo Marie plays 'Dinner Music' (23 July 2000, File size = 10.4 Kbytes) 240 x 180 pixels - stereo

How these files were made : The fine 'Advance Australia Fair' presentation was converted from VHS video using Avid Cinema software on a G3 PowerMac; Bill Hillcourt clip was made from Scotch EXG VHS video using iMovie software, while Steam train and Marie's Birthday music clips were converted from S-VHS using iMovie software on a G3 iMac.

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