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Geography - Maps and Other Links

Some interesting online sites related to Geography which will eventually become categorized.

Matt Rosenberg's Geography (

Vernal Equinox page by Eric W. Weisstein

Description & photos of large iceberg headed north A large iceberg was born recently from the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica near Roosevelt Island. Scientists say the massive iceberg could drift to sea within the next few days.

Survivors of the SHOAH Visual History Foundation A Steven Spielberg site.

Not another Ghost Town ! part of the Our Towns series. Livelyhood On the Road in Seattle.

Earth and Moon Viewer page by John Walker.

Learn about the Summer Solstice

From David J. Smith's 'Mapping Geography by Heart' home page lists Alliance sites, National Geographic Society, and the International Geographic Union.

Geography Education Resources U-Texas Austin

International Network for Learning and Teaching (INLT)"> Geography in Higher Education Newsletter.

ESRI Community Atlas Project


School Geography Education Projects, Initiatives and Journals

Social Studies Teaching Resources

In Search of Longitude

Genuine Nebraska site describing State Symbol, Capitol, Constitution, Song, and a whole lot more.

Permanent locations of Famous Nebraskans

Where to find topography in Nebraska and other states.

USGS National Mapping Info

MapQuest Driving Directions and other things.

A famous sixteenth-century world map suggests that a part of North America may have been carefully explored before it was 'discovered' or was Canadàs Ungava Bay explored before it was 'discovered'?

US Census Bureau Population Pyramids for countries

US Population Clock keeps on chugging away.

Governments on WWW by Gunnar Anzinger

Important WWW Resources for ESS 301 World Regional Geography & other classes. Robert E Ford, Senior Natural Resources Strategic Planner and Advisor.

World Reg Geog 2e More Resources World Wide Embassy Resources

live webcams from Antarctica :)

webcam in Kovenhavn

webcam near the Kremlin no BACK link provided.

webcam in Praha

Oslo cams

Paris cam

Oxford Circus, London webcam

Virtual Jerusalem Tour

Kaliningrad Exclave Let's hear it for a non-contiguous oblast!

TerraServer no BACK link provided.

Tropozone The Web's center for topographic map users and outdoor recreation enthusiasts. We've worked with the USGS to create the Web's first interactive topo map of the entire United States.

Jack Horkheimer's Star Gazer

Lunar eclipse information.

'How Canada Gave GIS to the World and Then Lost Almost Everything' by Nigel Waters

NASA and Martian Polar lander site.

Historical US Census Data.

Sacagawea image on the Golden Dollar The golden coin used the portrait of Randy'L He-dow Teton, a Shoshone art student at the Institute of American Indian Arts Museum (IAIA), in Santa Fe, NM. Glenna Goodacre, is the the sculptor who designed the coin.

A QTVR site in Nebraska.

An interactive Africa map requiring Flash technology to run.

The American Discovery Trail - a new breed of national trail : part city, part small town, part forest, part mountains, part desert.

The cause of George Mallory's death.

First net accessible Digital Elevation Model from the shuttle radar mapper.

Weather for many places.

German Remote Sensing Data Center (hi-res STS-99 images)

Ecola Newsstand - a fantastic resource of English language newspapers from around the world.

NASA shuttle photo site with clickable map of the world.

Wimmera River in NW Victoria, taken on 09 Dec 98 from a distance of 211 nautical miles, looking NW towards two tiny lakes (Sea Lake). Warning - This file is approximately 1789 k, so download at your own risk.

DIAL (Digital Image Animation Laboratory) is an advanced computer amination and software engineering facility with broadcast quality video recording and editing capabilities.

Links to heaps of people !

Vernal Equinox page by Eric W. Weisstein.

A most important Announcement.     Thanks to John Clark Craig for this one.

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