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This page was last updated on 12 November 2002 (Ver. 1.3)

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World Headquarters of FMBC (house)

Graphic description: Sumner02.JPG shows the world headquarters of the Friday Morning Breakfast Club (TM).
Photo taken March 2001. (320 x 200 pixels, 87,451 bytes).

Images of Lincoln's October 1997 Blizzard

GN9711AB.GIF shows the world headquarters of the FMBC (tm) on the afternoon of 26 October 1997, showing massive quantities of snow, downed trees and a buried car. (637 x 418 pixels, 278,469 bytes)

GN9711AC.GIF shows our [formerly] beautiful oak tree east of the house, showing massive limb damage. (317 x 477 pixels, 180,601 bytes)

GN9711AD.GIF shows a closeup of downed trees (including a six inch (15.2 cm) log on my recently reroofed garage). (637 x 418 pixels, 277,112 bytes)

GN9711AE.GIF shows the west side of our house and garage, showing approximately eight inches (20 cm) of fresh snow. (637 x 424 pixels, 258,790 bytes)

GN9711AF.GIF shows 37th Street, looking south towards our house (on left, through downed trees). (637 x 409 pixels, 262,289 bytes)

GN9711AG.GIF shows Sumner Street looking east near 37th Street, showing downed trees blocking the street. (640 x 418 pixels, 269,183 bytes)

GN9711AH.GIF shows the west side of the garage and house, with a growing accumulation of tree limbs from three houses' lawns. (635 x 409 pixels, 274,178 bytes)

Note : all graphics here have 72 x 72 DPI resolution.

Thanks to John Clark Craig for scanning in the blizzard images for me.

These images are (c) copyright Greg E. Nelson. Please ask if you want to use these images.

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