Lincoln Camera Club    March 2001, Page 2.

This month's featured camera club member is Greg Nelson.

The first photo I recall taking was in Sydney, Australia, at age nine. My Dad showed me how to use his Pony 300 slide camera, and GE hand held light meter. The image was of a palm tree and local beach. The film was Kodachrome, ASA 10. How we got there is another story. My first camera was a Brownie 620 (which I still have). My first experience in processing black and white was in Junior High School. The science teacher had a darkroom under the stairs near his classroom. He gave me access to this new form of expression. Chimney Rock was one of the first pictures I enlarged. While in high school I started processing Ektachrome slides, which was lots of fun. My one claim to photo fame was to win the Brandeis Art Contest for high school students. My mother and I traveled across the state by train to attend the ceremony in Omaha. I displayed the slides I'd processed and described why I photographed each image.

Equipment I use: (A) Pentax Spotmatic and lens systems : 35mm, 50mm, 135 and Tamron 85 - 205 mm zoom. I used to have a Pentax Strobonar 660, which I loved. If you find a working model for sale, please call me collect. (B) Kowa/SIX 85 mm medium format camera, which makes great enlargements. (C) Vivitar VI color print enlargement system.

What I like to shoot: travel, old buildings, kids, nature scenery. Photographic interests: I am interested in early color photography, the silent film movie era, 3D - stereo photography, and remote sensing. I'm interested in computer graphic display technology and ways to exchange images across computer platforms. Some of these aspects of photography can be found on my website.

Other tidbits: Before joining LCC, I was a member of the Alliance Camera Club and the Donald (Vic.) camera clubs. More recently I've been taking video tape (VHS and S-VHS) and converting it to web-based documents. I'm also interested in QuickTime Virtual Reality technology, imaging, in distance education, and restoration of old photographs. While I predict increased use of digital photography, there will always be a place for traditional (emulsion-based) imaging. Being able to work with legacy and cutting edge technology is important for me.

Greg Nelson LCC member / Teacher Consultant

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