Travel to Other Places

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1954 - Rose Parade, Pasadena CA

1957 - 1958 Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii

1967 - England and France, mostly. American Institute for Foreign Study, Tour 7067

1973-75 Australia and New Zealand  Hostelling in Oz & NZ

1975 Oz - Copenhagen by air; Danmark, Sweden, Norway, West Germany, France, Austria, Czechoslovakia, U.S.S.R. (Trans-Siberian Railway), Japan - Oz by air.

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      < Union/Trans-Siberian portion of my trip.
       Lake Baikal      NASA Image

1997 Canadian Railway Journey
Captivating text describing our Most Curious Adventure will appear here. Click here to view a Canadian River from the Railway.

[QuickTime file = 2.3 Mb 240x180 pixels 12 fps 38 sec.; audio stereo 16 bit 22 kHz]. Other videos available upon request.

1999 - Elton John in Iowa

Marie and Greg visit New England, October - November 1999.

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