Family History

A Brief look at our Family History

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1697 - The Frederick Family arrives in America.

Thomas Augustus Heinrich, born 6 November 1667, second son of John Rudolf Heinrich, 7th Baron von Friedrichshafen and Amelie de Reither (a noble Austrian lady) grew to manhood and departed in 1697 for America. First he sailed to London and then on to Philadelphia. Enroute to America Thomas fell in love with Patience Chester, a young Quaker woman. Together, they arrived in Philadelphia in August. He changed his name to Thomas Frederick. Later they had two sons : John Noah Frederick and Thomas Christopher Frederick. Much later, a descendant, Thomas Frederick, served in the Pennsylvania Militia, the Hanover Rifle Battalion, and was captured at Fort Washington, on 16 December 1776. In 1781, he received depreciated pay for money.

Source Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, Vol. XIII, Page 320 and History of Lebanon County, Egle. Vol. __., Page 32-33. See also National DAR numbers 29450, 29452, 35264, 40301, 79594, 84223, and 100015. From materials supplied by MEN, DAR Number 52437, 15 April 1967.

Then a lot more things happened.

We went to England and France in the summer of 1967.

Then a lot more things happened.

Our railway journey in western Canada, August 1997. (QuickTime file, length = 1.860 Mbytes)

1999 Elton John in Iowa

Marie and Greg's tour of New England, Oct. - Nov. 1999

Swimming lessons, summer (northern hemisphere case) of 2000.

The old steam train as it heads west towards Lincoln.
NOTE : QT file = 842 Kbytes. We drive parallel to the train and catch up with the locomotive. This event occurred on 17 June 2000. These files were created from S-VHS videotape using Apple's iMovie software.

The old steam train as it heads west towards Lincoln.
NOTE : QT file = 1.275 Mbytes. This is the best file if you like to hear the 'chu chu' and its whistle.

Marie's amazing birthday bash, July 2000 - which includes graphics and video files.

Click here to see photos of the Nelson - Howard - Wheatley Field Trip to the Black Hills and Fort Robinson, July 2000.

The Simnitt siblings got together with their spouses, kids and grandkids on 25 Aug 2002 in Fremont. A good time was had by all.

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